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The benefits of ISO 27001 certification

June 2021
June 2021

ISO 27001 is an international security standard for managing information. It provides companies with a way to protect their data—companies typically seek ISO 27001 to do business overseas. This certification also provides side benefits like increased productivity and efficiency throughout the organisation.

Non-compliance with ISO 27001 means that if your organisation previously received a certification, you could fail a future audit and lose your designation, preventing you from operating your business in certain areas. Here are other reasons why getting an ISO 27001 certification is beneficial for your business.

It Creates Business Opportunities

Having this certification is a unique selling point. Since ISO 27001 strengthens the controls that HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 2, SSSAE 16, and PCI DSS puts in place, it shows that you understand how to protect your clients’ data. Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Verizon, and other leading global brands have ISO 27001 registration.

Often, compliance with ISO 27001 is what spells the difference between losing and winning a tender. It is also increasingly difficult to conduct business internationally without an ISO 27001 registration—more and more organisations are demanding it in the supply chain. It is even a legal requirement in some countries like Japan and India.

It Prevents Data Breaches

High-profile companies like Wendy’s, Anthem, and Home Depot have suffered data breaches in the past. It shows that just because a company has an extensive IT infrastructure doesn’t mean they won’t get hit. An ISO 27001 certification proves that you take cybersecurity seriously.

All businesses must be responsible for keeping their data safe, whether it’s employee records, customer data, or intellectual property. An ISO 27001 gives you a way to protect data from threats from negligence, cyber-attacks, fraud, and even natural disasters.

It Helps You Keep Costs Low

The spending you will do on getting an ISO 27001 certification will pay off in the long run. Increasing your security decreases costs—for one, it prevents expenses related to service interruptions. In addition, every time your protocols and systems mitigate security issues, you also eliminate spending on reputation management and repairs or replacements for your infrastructure.

It Is a Highly Detailed Procedure

Getting an ISO 27001 certification is a highly detailed, involved process. Audits consider 14 separate controls ranging from examining policies to reviewing standard operating procedures. The International Organization for Standardization has more information on the certification on their website. You can also hire ISO certification consultants to help you.

An ISO 27001 certification audit checks the organisation’s information security policies, how it secures and organises information, and how its human resources department educates employees on cybersecurity. It also considers asset management or the processes in place for managing hardware, software, and databases and how employees access different types of data, among many others.

Many organisations make the mistake of placing all of the responsibilities for certification on their IT team. Though IT is a crucial aspect of certification, it is not the only thing auditors consider. All parts of the organisation need to share processes and procedures to achieve compliance.


Preparing for an ISO 27001 certification audit takes time and collaboration. Therefore, it is good to seek assistance from a consultant or a group with compliance experience. Hiring a consultant for your certification enables you to create the best action plan for your business.

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