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Implementing a Privacy Solution: What to Consider

July 2021
July 2021

One of the most important things a business owner needs to consider is the security and privacy of their company. That’s why organizations spend top dollar nowadays to work with security leaders who can help face critical decision-making in the best privacy solutions, especially now that there are a plethora of solutions for safeguarding data.

There’s no doubt that strategizing on the best security and privacy solution is complex, but it’s an essential step to protect their organisation. The only downside is that most are unsure where to begin because of all the overwhelming information surrounding this concept.

With that being said, business leaders opt to get digital consulting services focused on creating methods to heighten their security and privacy efforts. With the wave of information available, consulting services can help choose the best security solution for your organisation.

Following on from our previous article summing up the benefits of consultancy services vs. software-based solution, we've compiled a list of common questions you should ask when you're considering a privacy solution. Let's take a look!

Question #1: Can We Handle a Data Breach?

One of the most critical questions to ask when it comes to protecting and securing customer data is if you're prepared to deal with a data breach. In today's digital landscape, a threat arises in every corner, and with that, you must handle events with a well-documented strategy.

Besides that, it helps handle data breaches with your team to ensure they're exposed to proper security exercises. These exercises can help your team improve their skills when handling security issues and data breaches in the future.

Question #2: Is Our Company Able to Comply with Global Data Privacy Regulations?

You should note that compliance with global data privacy solutions is a long-term commitment to implementing security and privacy controls for your people, operations, technology, and more. With that, it requires a stable and steadfast process.

Sadly, managing data privacy isn't as easy as ticking a check-box. This is because global data privacy standards are loosely defined, meaning any organisation will have its own interpretation of the process. For this reason, data consultation services are needed to help create a comprehensive framework for your data privacy efforts.

Question #3: Do We Have an Inventory of Data Assets and Processes Used to Store Personal Data?

It's important to know your assets so you know how much a data breach can affect your company. With that being said, you must investigate the following areas:

  • Applications on various platforms, such as e-mails, web, OS, and more;
  • Folders in shared networks or local networks;
  • Databases;
  • Cloud and third-party applications or websites;
  • Removable media;
  • Physical locations, such as safes, cabinets, and more, and finally;
  • Test and development networks;

When you scan every department for these areas, you can help assess and categorise the data you have that will be impacted by a data breach, allowing you to map effective security and privacy solutions.

Question #4: How Do We Monitor and Detect Security Incidents Simultaneously?

Another critical thing you should know is that organisations can be fined if they don't report a security incident, and this is under global privacy laws. With that, you must have an efficient security team to quickly monitor and detect security red flags and incidents to ensure that your organisations continue to comply with security standards.

The Final Question: Should We Get Data Consulting Services?

Seeing as data privacy and security efforts are hugely complex, and different laws govern the concept, it's safe to say that having experts work with you to create data privacy solutions is essential.

With the help of data consulting services, you'll get to tap all the legalities, integrate data protection management software, speak to risk officers, and more. This can help elevate your privacy and security efforts, allowing you to rest with ease, knowing your company, employees, and clients are protected.

Why Choose Scaramanga?

Scaramanga is a Swiss-based data consulting firm that specialises in data protection, information security, and compliance consulting.

We also offer Data Protection Management System, a subscription-based software that helps you manage and audit reports, protect your company's data and compliance with data laws and regulations.

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