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Integrating the new SCCs into existing contracts

June 2021
June 2021

With the publication of the new EU standard contractual clauses for international transfers to insecure third countries, organisations will now have only18 months to adapt their existing contracts. With a large number of global data transfers, this can quickly become a challenge. All parties in the respective countries have to be contacted to determine whether the new SCCs are already in place, or whether you as an organisation have to draw up new contracts.

Manually, this can become a large and time-consuming exercise for any organisation. That is why at Scaramanga Consulting, we have teamed up with Raptor Compliance to offer organisations a new, state of the art data protection management system (DPMS), that makes the process of SCC management ten times faster!

Do you use a regular provider with standard contracts? The DPMS provides you with the new agreements directly from a central library. At the touch of a button, you can import them to replace your existing contracts and automatically update the documentation in all procedures and systems. For individual contacts, you also have the option of sending your contract partners a task directly from the DPMS, such as the signing or creation of the SCC. All of your tasks are then monitored in your task management with deadline control.

Still using an old fashioned and inefficient procedure for SCC control? Book a free demo with our team today to see how our new DPMS can work for your organisation.