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How Your IT Department Can Benefit from Experts as a Service

August 2021
August 2021

So you've heard about software as a service, but have you heard of experts as a service?

This term might be entirely new to you, but as the name implies, the service of such a company is relatively straightforward. An experts-as-a-service company essentially offers you the service that gets you connected directly to an expert. This is something that not many other companies do. In most cases, when a company faces a problem with a service, they will most likely have to sit and wait for customer service to be ready to talk. With experts-as-a-service, professional help is given as quickly as possible.

Confused? Don't worry. Let's delve deeper into what experts-as-a-service is and how your IT department can benefit from them:

How Your IT Department Can Benefit from Experts as a Service

Expert-as-a-Service, also known as ExaaS, revolves around delivering human consultation to its clients and customers through online means. This is similar to the concept of customer service, where customers reach out to customer service should they need help with anything. The only difference between something like customer service versus ExaaS is that, with customer service, clients and customers will most likely have to go through a call centre. After that, they will have to wait for the service until their turn finally arrives before any help is actually given.

With ExaaS, this tedious process of waiting around for help doesn't exist. Once a client or customer reaches out to ExaaS, they get help right away from a senior or an expert on the subject. Essentially, the difference between customer service and ExaaS is how the support is delivered. With a model like ExaaS, the idea is that every client is deserving of quality support, that the first person they reach out to must be an expert.

Everything from the point of contact until when the solution is given, the entire experience should be efficient and valuable. No-fuss and confusion is the name of the game, and clients should enjoy the best solution possible to their needs.

With all of that said, how does ExaaS benefit your IT department exactly? Think of it like trying to fix a plumbing problem. When you face a plumbing issue like a leak, your first instinct is to fix it yourself. Unfortunately, in just a few weeks or even days, the leak springs back again. Now, what do you do? You call a professional plumber to do the job for you. The same can be said about your IT department. When they run into a problem they aren't an expert on, they can reach out to an ExaaS company to get the help needed to solve the IT problems they face. Not only will they be able to fix the problems quickly, but effectively, too!


All in all, if you find that your IT department is in dire need of an expert's help whenever a problem occurs, consider reaching out to an Experts-as-a-Service agency. This way, you gain access to professionals who have the knowledge on whatever problem it is you are facing.